Dreams cannot be reached without the dedication to mastering your craft.


If you’re here, you’re ready to take the next step in your music career. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced veteran, Tim Penner Sessions will give you new tools and techniques to give you an edge in the music industry and provide new ways to help you get your music heard.

These courses will be available in two methods: ONLINE and In-PERSON classes. Each will cover a similar curriculum but will be delivered in different ways.


For those that live in the Toronto area, you will be able to participate with in-person, hands-on seminars. These classes will be limited in size and provide a comfortable environment to listen, explore and try new ideas alongside Tim to ensure you’re fully understanding the course-load.


For those of you that are able to participate in the online courses, we have a dedicated platform to allow you to join the live class from the comfort of your own living room or studio. You will join several other students as Tim goes through the full curriculum week by week. You will be able to ask some questions during the class and for an extended Q&A period when the class is complete.


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Semester 1 (4 weeks)

     In the first semester course we focus on the core fundamentals of how to write a song effectively, by dissecting the technical and creative approach to music. As a music producer, it’s your goal to merge a seamless process through software with the artistic appeal for your audience. Each of these aspects can be heavily contradictory and a frustrating hurdle to overcome in the studio.

     These classes will teach you how to approach songwriting with both aspects in mind to help you finish your music faster and more consistently.  Novice or experienced artists will find valuable ways to develop a new perspective and workflow.

What You Will Learn…

  • The Fundamental Elements of a Song
    • What’s in a song
    • The basic food groups
    • Kick / Percussion / Bass / Melody
  • Creating Groove and Movement
    • What makes people move
    • Creating space for sound
    • Organic flow and movement
    • The psychology of dance
  • The Power of Imperfection
    • The ‘Human Element’
    • Working within a grid environment
    • Live recording with gear
    • Understanding the subconscious
  • Song Arrangement
    • Understanding arrangement
    • Considering the DJ
    • Considering artistic freedom
    • The importance of transitions
  • Telling a Story Through Song
    • Creating characters
    • Developing a storyline
    • Call / Answer
    • Foreshadowing
    • Plot / Conflict / Resolution


Semester 2 (4 weeks)

     Diving deeper into the science of music and engineering techniques, this semester teaches an advanced understanding of how sound is created and shaped and how it impacts each element of your song. These subjects are essential for creating clean and powerful music to meet any professional expectations and requirements you may face.

     This semester is a practical approach to sound design and engineering for the creative type who needs an edge in their technical knowledge in order to create a strong final product.

What You Will Learn…

  • The Physics of Sound
    • Understanding waveforms
    • How does sound impact other sound
    • Predicting waveforms
    • Conflicts in time and space
    • Working within a finite space
  • Finding Balance
    • Simple Complexity / Complex Simplicity
    • EQ control
    • Early mixdown techniques
    • Sound Compression
    • Grouping and sound management
  • Gear and Technology
    • Soft synths & hardware
    • Audio interfaces & mixers
    • Interconnect & MIDI
  • Mixdown & Mastering
    • Grouping
    • Advanced mixdown techniques
    • Finding problem areas
    • Balance, Balance, Balance
    • Leaving headroom


Semester 3 (4 weeks)

     It can be hard, frustrating and overwhelming to break into the business side of the music world. There’s a reason they call it an “industry” and it’s not for the faint of heart but it’s an essential aspect of being a successful and professional artist. These topics will help you understand the world, give you a business mindset, and teach you how to see things with a global mindset in order to set realistic and strategic goals.

     This semester will educate you from the top down to give you the tools to move into the next level with advanced knowledge and approach to what makes the industry function. You are the captain of your own ship… it’s time you take control.

What You Will Learn…

  • The Global Mindset
    • Understanding the ‘Big Picture’
    • The 3 tiers of an artist
    • Adapting your perspective
    • Being fluid in a changing market
  • Setting Your Goals for Success
    • Recognize the curve and get ahead of it
    • Organization and planning
    • Long game vs Short game strategies
    • Understanding trends
    • Be yourself while appealing to others
    • What does a manager do for me
  • Getting Your Music Heard
    • How to approach labels
    • Understand the family mentality
    • Cliques and cracks
    • Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud, etc
  • Signing Your Music
    • Contracts, royalties, & licensing
    • General copyright law
    • Distribution and online stores
    • Strategies for building your catalog
  • Overcoming Hurdles
    • Work / Life balance
    • Recognizing the competition
    • Don’t sweat the small stuff
    • Local vs Global
    • Victim mentality
    • It’s all about who you know
    • Dealing with your emotions
  • Getting Gigs
    • Understanding industry politics
    • Getting to know the community
    • Being eager vs being a nuisance
    • Same game, different field
    • What does an agency do for me


  • Courses will be taught using Ableton Live 9, but the concepts are universal and can be applied to any DAW
  • Sessions will be conducted through a designated online portal that will give you personal access to each session.
  • Semesters will be open to a limited number of students.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live seminars.  
  • Each session will be recorded and available to review at a later date.
  • Missed classes are non refundable but a recording of each session will be available to watch at your convenience
  • Semesters are non refundable once the first class has begun.

Music Production I:

  • Available in Pre-Recorded Videos

Music Production II:

  • Available in Pre-Recorded Videos

Business & Personal Strategies:

  • Available in Pre-Recorded Videos


  • Courses will be taught using Ableton Live 9, but the concepts are universal and can be applied to any DAW
  • Sessions will be conducted in-person at a designated location in Toronto, Ontario
  • In-person sessions include hands-on workshops with software and hardware
  • Direct feedback and support with your projects
  • In-class assignments with other students
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Semesters will be open to a limited number of students.
  • Opportunity to ask questions during the seminars.  
  • Students enrolled in these classes will be given access to the recorded ONLINE courses for review and reference
  • Missed classes are non refundable
  • Semesters are non refundable once the first class has begun.


  • Available in Pre-Recorded Videos


  • Available in Pre-Recorded Videos


  • Available in Pre-Recorded Videos


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