The Art of Storytelling: ONLINE COURSE (With John Fleming)



With over 50 years of combined experience in the music industry, John ‘00’ Fleming and Tim Penner team up to create an all encompassing music course called ‘The Art of Storytelling’. Both John and Tim have dedicated their lives to perfecting sound manipulation within the studio and in front of live audiences around the world. Their attention to detail has continually set them apart from their peers in a wide variety of genres and styles. They have also proven their ability to stay relevant in an ever changing industry while creating new directions for the future. 

These traits are absolutely crucial in an industry where everyone seems to have a copy of Traktor and Ableton and the difference between “DJ” and “Artist” is constantly shifting. Where do we draw a clear cut line between good and great? How does one compete in an incredibly challenging world of various stages and spotlights?

The truth is, in order to find success and artistic fulfillment, often we need to step back and look deeper into what makes music such a powerful tool. From there we can dive into the science of controlling frequencies in order to help seamlessly tell our musical story. 

John Fleming and Tim Penner have carefully crafted a curriculum that will open your eyes and pull the curtain back to show you the skills involved in curating the perfect playlist. They will explain the nuances of reading and playing to a live crowd, organizing your collection, mixer control, and mastering many of the various formats that today’s DJs are using.

To take your music career to a professional level, The Art of Storytelling will take you behind the scenes to help you focus on what really matters as an artist. Regardless of what tools you use to play or create your sound, this course will help you to look at the bigger picture of mixing sound, the impacts on your audience, and how to create meaningful moments and soundscapes.

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Class Details:

  • Date: Saturdays, June 27th to July 18, 2020
  • Time: 7pm – 9pm EST w/ 30 min Q&A at the end
  • Sessions: 4 Classes = 8 Hours (+Q&A Time)
  • Cost: $100 CAD